Open Source Torrent Clients

A few months ago I switched to Ubuntu and have since tried out about a half dozen different torrent clients, so I’ll make a review of my top 3 picks here:

  1. rTorrent is a very light-weight text-based torrent client which runs from the command line. While it make take a bit longer to learn how to use this one than other graphical torrent clients, I like rTorrent because it doesn’t depend on the X11 window system, meaning it will keep running even if Gnome or KDE crash. It’s also great if you have an annoying roommate who likes to pause your torrents while you’re in class, because chances are they won’t think to switch out of X11 to another command line instance to see if rTorrent is running in the background.
  2. KTorrent is another good torrent client, and as you probably guessed, it integrates well with the KDE desktop. While you can’t really hide the fact that its running the way you can hide rTorrent, KTorrent is a lot easier to learn especially for people who are familiar with µTorrent.
  3. µTorrent’s Linux client is only and alpha so far, however the windows client runs in wine and of course people who used µTorrent on windows will feel right at home if they decide to use µTorrent on Linux. So far I’ve only used the alpha version of the Linux port to download Spider-Man and a few other movies, but so far it seems to work well.

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